There Is A Way. You Will Find It.

A young man is working in the produce section of a supermarket when he is approached by a customer.

“Excuse me, son.” says the customer. “How much would it cost for a half a head of lettuce?”

The kid replies that he’ll have to go check with his manager, then makes his way into the back and approaches his boss.

“Hey boss,” he says. “Some asshole wants to buy half a head of lettuce.”

Seeing the alarmed look on his boss’s face, he turns around to find that the customer has followed him into the back and is—to put it mildly—none too pleased with his shopping experience.

Yet without missing a beat the clever young man smiles, points to the customer and continues, “and this gentleman would like to buy the other half. How much should we charge him?” The situation now defused, the transaction is completed and everyone goes on with their days.

“Say kid,” says the manager later, “that was some quick thinking. Good work.” They get to talking a little bit more and the manager, thinking that he detects a bit of an accent, asks if the boy is originally from Canada.

“Canada?! Haha, no, nothing but whores and hockey players up there. Am I right?”

The manager’s eyes narrow. “My wife’s from Canada.”

“Really?” replies the young man, thinking fast. “Um…what team does she play for?”

"You're fired. That's what team."

“You’re fired. That’s what team.”

This was initially going to be a “Just Some Jokes” post, but this one has a lesson in it I’d like to talk more about. The points I’d like to make here are that 1) there is a way and that 2) you will find it. A way to save face, a way to avert disaster, a way to reach an eventual goal, and a way to turn “adversity” into an equal or greater opportunity so long as you admit to yourself that it’s possible.

If you decide that there is no way, that it’s not possible, you never even try; your mind never goes to work trying to find the way and—no shit—you never find it. “You see!” you say to anyone who will listen, especially yourself, “I told you it was impossible.”

If, however, you decide that there is a way, and that you can find it, your mind goes right to work trying to find the way. Meanwhile, if you happen to mention your search to anyone, their mind joins yours to find a way. You might read or hear about others who have accomplished something similar. The “how-to-do-it” develops step-by-step, as it always does for the person who believes the goal is achievable, and this all culminates in—no shit—you discovering a way to do the thing you felt was possible. “You see!” you say to anyone who will listen, especially yourself, “I told you it was possible.”

Whatever you want to do, from losing weight to earning more money to getting into a specific line of work, it’s possible. The crucial first step is admitting this to yourself. It’s possible.

You Can Do It

Now, of course, if something is possible, it necessarily means (literally “must mean”) that there is a way it can be done. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be possible in the first place; and remember, you’ve just decided that it is.

Since you have a Mind and an Imagination, it necessarily follows (literally “must follow”) that you can eventually learn about or conceive of the way that the thing can be done.

Again, it starts with you first admitting to yourself, contrary to your limiting beliefs, that the thing is possible.

If something is possible, there’s a way to do it.

If there is a way, you can find it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many things you have to try, you will find the way.

Re-read that last bit five or ten times. Really hammer the point home in your mind.

Who decided that you are just going to be fat for the rest of your life and that’s that?

Who decided that you are just going to be stuck in bad, unfulfilling relationships for the rest of your life and there’s not much you can do about it?

Who decided that you’re “too old” to change and that your best years are behind you?

Who decided that you’d earn exactly what you’re currently earning and you should adjust your lifestyle to fit that amount because, hey, this is just how it is?

Take any situation in your life you’d like to improve and ask yourself: who decided that this can’t be fixed?

It can be fixed. You can get better. You can improve. Decide once and for all that the thing you want is possible for you.

“By resorting to self-resignation the unfortunate consummate their misfortunes.”

–Honore de Balzac

There is a way. You will find it.