Regular-Sized is a Wonderful Thing

The First Client Update Post

In the past week or so, I’ve seen a couple of friends post on Facebook about their experiences with Keen’s Fat Loss Map™. So I took a couple of screen shots and decided to post them here to serve as my first testimonials. From time to time I’ll be adding to this category to keep people updated on the real-world results that are being obtained. So without further ado:

Big Nate Hillyard

Testimonial 1

Congrats, Nate!

This is from the Facebook profile of Nate Hillyard, a great friend of mine. At 6’8″ tall, a 36″ waist is textbook Regular-Sized. I’d note here that Nate is a consummate Booze Hound. In fact, one of the things we were able to tweak and tailor to his personal preferences was his consumption of delicious booze. Here’s an excerpt from a subsequent correspondence:

“As you know, I was not willing to give up beer. Now, I have cut back my beer consumption and I even switched my shitty daily drinker beer over to Miller Light. On a similar note, my bourbon consumption has gone way up!”

Fuckin’ right it has! And make no mistake, this guy drinks some fantastic beer, to which anyone who is friends with him on Facebook can attest. He’s just adjusted the daily brew. And later in the note, this:

“Bottom line, Jim—at my heaviest I was 305. When I started this journey on June 22 I was 287. This morning I was 237. What more evidence does a person need?”



I’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Big Nate Hillyard on his success!

Next Up, Russell Ballenger

Thanks for the shout out, Russell!

Like a Gaht Damn Boss.

Russell shared my last post on Facebook and added this paragraph as a kind of mini-testimonial. He achieved incredible results, and all while eating fatty meats and delicious, full-fat sauces. As you can see from his profile pic thumbnail he’s a trombone player, but aside from that he’s a perfect gentleman and was able to follow the map very well. Congrats, Russ!

I asked Russ to write a testimonial and share anything he’d like with my audience at large. He wrote the following:

“I have been following Keen’s Fat Loss Map™ for 6 months now, and am proud to say that it has helped turn me from a fat person into a regular-sized person. I now weigh 167lbs (50lbs lighter) and feel much happier and healthier. On other diets I would eat turkey bacon and egg whites for breakfast then work my ass off at the gym everyday. Now I cook almost everything I eat in butter or bacon fat. I eat like a King. Do I miss eating bread and carbohydrate-rich foods? NO. They make me feel like shit when I eat them, and they made me fat.

The Map is simple. If you follow this map you will lose weight and, more importantly, gain happiness, knowledge, and inspiration. Even though I am at a weight that I haven’t been at in 12 years, I am more motivated and inspired than ever to keep improving not only my body, but my life.”

Thanks for the kind words, Slim.

Who’s Next?

If you’re anywhere near where these guys were and want to get Regular-Sized, what the hell are you waiting for?