Educate Yourself

The Internet Is A Beautiful Thing

All the information you’ll ever need (and more than you will ever be able to make use of) all in one place! Below is a list of resources that I’ve compiled so that you can learn something for yourself. This page is me acting as your bullshit filter, helping you separate the quacks and charlatans from the actual experts.

Yes, the things I write about on the blog and in Keen’s Fat Loss Map™ will work whether you’ve learned anything or not, but given the option I feel that it is always best to do your own due diligence. You’ll notice that some of the authors linked to below disagree with each other and have several points of contention. Keep in mind, though, that the point of all this learning isn’t to discover the “truth” once and for all so you don’t ever have to think about this stuff again. The point is to get as much useful information as possible, compare it to your reality, and decide what is the most useful in actual practice.

Full Disclosure: I will not receive any compensation for these recommendations and referrals. Hell, I don’t even know most of these guys.

Read The Following Books:

1) The Primal Blueprint

2) Why We Get Fat

After digesting those two (harharhar), you’ll know 95% of what you need to know about human nutrition. If you’re still not satisfied, read:

3) Fat Chance

4) Wheat Belly

Read the Following Articles

These will function as an introduction to the blogs on which they’re posted. Think of these as me “leading a horse to water.” Drink up, you thirsty bastards.

1) How can carbohydrate restriction be healthy if it means limiting “natural foods” like fruit and vegetables?”

2) Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked.

3) The Inanity of Overeating

4) Why Humans Crave Fat

5) Gravity and Insulin: The Dynamic Duo

6) Do Calories Matter?

7) Primal Blueprint 101

Check Out the Following Blogs:

J. Stanton’s Website

Martin Berkhan’s Website

Lyle McDonald’s Website

Peter Attia’s Website

Watch the Following Movies:

1) Fat Head

2) The Perfect Human Diet

3) Big Fat Fiasco/Science For Smart People

To Learn How To Exercise, Investigate the Following:

1)—This is a link to his “Start Here” page, offering an introduction to proper exercise. You would do well to check out as much of his writing as possible, though; I have yet to read something of his that has not been valuable to my training.

2) The Fountain of Youth—Fantastic article about strength training reversing the aging process. 

3) Body By Science—The book written by the author of article #2, above. Learn why strength training is King, why people with six-packs usually don’t know shit about exercise, why “aerobics” isn’t actually a real thing, and why you are wasting your time and making yourself less healthy with “cardio.”