DIYDS Fundamental #1: Location + Destination

The first thing you see in GoogleMaps is the first thing you should figure out in real life.

The first thing you see in GoogleMaps is the first thing you should figure out in real life.


Welcome to DIY Fundamental #1: Location + Destination.

Just like any physical journey, your path from the body you have now to the body that you want involves a few fundamental things that you need to have and do in order to successfully arrive at your destination.

The first one is the simplest. You must know precisely where you are, and you must know precisely where you’re going. Without both of these, you’re lost before you’ve even begun.

If you were to visit the cockpit of any airplane while the plane was in flight and ask the pilot what the plane’s destination was, that pilot would be able to give you an immediate and precise answer. In fact, out of all the landing places possible on the entire goddamn planet, the pilot would be able to bring his estimate to within one hundred yards, and ten times out of ten he’ll get it right. And why? Because that pilot has his shit together, that’s why.

" you like movies about gladiators?"

“Joey…do you like movies about gladiators?”

The fact is, no plane ever even leaves the gate without first having programmed a destination. Satellite information tells the pilots precisely where they are, and they establish precisely where they want to end up. Nothing else ever happens before these two things.

What’s the first thing a cab driver asks you when you get in (other than “where are your pants?”)?

How come your browser has an Address Bar across the top?

We could be here all day with questions like these, but you get my point: it is clearly counterproductive to begin any journey without a clear idea of where you are and where you are going.

What This Means For Your Physique Transformation

Step one is to determine where you are. However you’ve decided to track progress—methods for which we’ll cover in an upcoming Fundamental—you must begin doing it on Day One, and let that represent the “You Are Here” point. You can track progress with a scale, a tape measure, pairs of pants, belt holes, or a combination thereof, but whatever you choose, measure on Day One and write it down.

Step two is to determine where you’d like to be. This will most likely be an estimate; you can’t always know ahead of time what your numbers will look like when you have the physique you want. Again, whatever you’ve decided to use to track your progress, figure out the numbers you’d like to see and write them down.

And There You Have It

DIY Fundamental #1: Location + Destination. You have to know where you are to go somewhere else, and you have to know where you’re going to get there.