Client Results #2!

Welcome back from Labor Day Weekend. It’s that time again! Time to share the results of a few clients I’ve been working with over the past several months. This update will include those who were personal clients of mine and those who just bought a Fat Loss Map™. Some names will be omitted to protect privacy. Anything [in brackets] is my own editing.

First Up!

The following are some quotes from “Stacy.” She bought a Fat Loss Map last Spring, and we’ve been corresponding via email, and although I don’t have a formal Testimonial from her, I think that many will be able to relate to her sentiments.

“‘When I started this I was on the verge of having to buy an entire new wardrobe, and now I’m comfortably fitting in all of my clothes.  Feels great.’

‘Can’t believe I’m 5 weeks in already. Crazy!

Quick update: I lost 1 pound this week for 13 pounds lost to date.  I have to say, I really feel the loss this week.  That one pound feels like I’ve shed 10.  I don’t know why, but I feel lighter and I look better.  I can actually see a difference in my waist and my hips.  It feels really good.

 I have a pretty awesome grocery list to grab after work today.  Pumped for the next week and to keep this feeling going.'”

Stacy has done a great job so far, and is just beginning her success story. Just like everyone else, she’s human; she’s not perfect, she messes up, and she disappoints herself sometimes. But no matter how bad something gets, you can always clean it right up. She’s far more capable than she realizes, and I’m very excited to meet the Stacy that we’ve only imagined up until now.


The following testimonial is from Justin. Justin wasn’t obese, or even fat, but wanted to lose a few pounds and feel a little more control over his eating. Let’s hear what he had to say:

“Simply put, Keen’s Fat Loss Map works.

At first glance, the Map might not seem like much, but that’s the ‘trick’ if there is one. Follow the instructions and you will lose weight. It’s that simple. Want to know more about why it works, and Jim has plenty of resources for you to check out—but come on, you don’t really care why it works, just that it does.

Keep in mind that I’m not saying the Map is easy. The first few weeks were very difficult. I missed French Fries and hamburger buns. I dramatically changed what I was putting into my body, and my body didn’t know what the hell was up.

What I am saying is that it’s simple. Follow the plan and things will get better in short order. After just a week or two, I noticed something unexpected…I wasn’t starving at 11am. Or noon. I could make it to 1pm with no problem. Same thing with dinner. All of the sudden I realized that my hunger levels had stabilized. I’d eventually get hungry, but I was never starving any more. And after meals, I felt satisfied, but not FULL. I mean that in a good way; ‘satisfied’ means I’m no longer hungry, and I feel like I have energy from what I’ve eaten. I feel good. ‘Full’ means I’m stuffed, tired, don’t want to move, and generally hate myself for what I’ve crammed into my face.

As I said, I was a terrible eater before starting the Map. I thought a Jimmy John’s sandwich and the low-fat chips were eating ‘healthy,’ because hey, it’s not a burger and fries! It was an adjustment learning to eat healthfully, mostly because it meant I had to think about my next meal (and maybe even the one after that) more than 20 minutes before I planned to eat it.

I started my weight loss process at 188 lbs, and I’m now hovering around 172 lbs. More importantly, I’m no longer on a ‘weight-loss plan’ as I first thought when following the Map. This is just how I eat now. I’m not always perfect, and I probably could have lost more weight faster if I’d been more rigid, but it was important to me was that this not drive me crazy (like counting calories had in the past). I was pleasantly surprised when it went well beyond ‘not driving me crazy’ to ‘how I eat.’

I’m not at my goal weight, but I’m much happier with how I look and feel, and I’m confident that I’ll continue to lose weight, and eventually maintain a healthy ‘normal-sized’ weight in the months and years to come. If you’re still wondering whether or not this is for you, all I can say is give it a try. I wasn’t sure it would work for me, but it did, and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Justin did some great work. Following the Map, he was able to lose weight without hunger while eating delicious food that he feels he can continue to eat for the foreseeable future. He’s eliminated the confusion and anxiety that so often accompanies food choices. Nice work, man!


Wedding Season

Love is in the air.


The next two folks had weddings coming up. Brandon was the groom. He wanted to look sharp in his tux, and to do that he wanted to lose ten or fifteen pounds. Following the material in the Map, he kicked ass. In his own words:


Well, my wedding was awesome. About a week before I was down to 175, my lowest weight in a few years. Many people commented on how ‘trim’ I looked. It is easy for me to be pudgy, I don’t know why—it’s always been that way. I’m not talking ‘fat,’ but just looking like ‘the guy that could stand to lose 10 lbs.’ 175 should be a general target weight for me. 
I must say, I looked pretty badass in my tux! I didn’t even work out all that much, I just ate well. Also, I learned that the amount of food I used to consume on a regular basis was just plain unhealthy, not to mention gross. [Following your guidelines] helped me break the kinds of habits I’d developed since my childhood. My mom was/is an amazing cook, but as you may know, Midwestern Mommies love to feed their men too much damn food! It’s just too much. A human being doesn’t need to eat that much food. It is not right, it is not healthy. As a kid, family dinner was made ‘healthy’ when a salad was prepared as a side dish. 
Now, [WIFE] and I will eat a hearty salad as a dinner (baby spinach and sauteed shrimp with old bay spice kicks ASS). Now, I’d like to be as healthy as I can be. Do I fall off the wagon sometimes? Hell yes! But it is not every day, it is not even twice per week! And honestly, I feel so much better. I drink SO much water, I eat lots more veggies. [WIFE] likes to have ice cream on occasion after dinner. If I ate ice cream after each meal I’d be a blimp. So I just eat literally a spoonful and my sweet tooth is satisfied. No biggie. I don’t have to eat [a metric shit-ton] of ice cream anymore. 
Before we got married I gave [WIFE] a solemn vow – No beer gut. Ever. I just don’t want to be that guy. Ain’t healthy, ain’t good for your heart, ain’t necessary. 
THANK YOU for showing me a better way my friend! All the best to you!”


Fantastic work, Brando! I’m sure [WIFE] appreciates your newfound commitment to a healthy, vigorous physique. I hope you guys enjoy many, many years of great [sex].

The other wedding goer was Laura, who was standing up at a friend’s wedding. I asked her to write a testimonial for this post, and here she is:

“Prior to The Map, I considered myself to be a very healthy eater. I was basically an ‘almost’ vegetarian– my diet contained a lot of veg, grains, fruit, and my protein came from eggs and the occasional fish. I didn’t drink pop, I didn’t eat anything high in fat and I didn’t eat processed food. Even so, I was exhausted, constantly cranky, and at my all-time-highest weight—just over 200lbs. My doctor told me my blood pressure and cholesterol were terrible. She couldn’t figure out why my bloodwork was so bad since my diet was ‘so good.’ I couldn’t understand why I ate healthier than most people I knew and I [just] couldn’t lose weight to save my life. I was sad, desperate, and frustrated. My first email to Jim said, ‘I’m getting close to thinking this is just where by body is going to be but it SUCKS.’

 Jim’s immediate response: ‘Good news: this is not ‘just where your body is going to be’ … There is a way, you fill find it, and it is a certainty that you can get to wherever you want to be.’

Initially, I was skeptical, though most of my skepticism came from sheer shock that the wacky, inappropriate kid that I went to high school with had lost almost a hundred pounds, started his own company, and was writing me incredibly sincere, matter-of-fact emails assuring me that I could and would be a better version of myself.

Well, I’ve been on The Map for almost six months now and while I still have a ways to go, I’ve lost about 20 pounds. My blood pressure has improved drastically. While I did initially struggle with increasing my protein intake, I now can’t imagine eating any other way. I *never* thought I would CRAVE a burger. I *never* thought I could start my day without eating breakfast, not eat lunch until 2:00pm and NOT be a hangry psychobitch. I routinely go 7-9 hours without eating. My hunger/satiety signals have totally normalized. I have more energy than I ever did when I was an almost-vegetarian.

Here’s why I love The Map: I don’t have to think about ANYTHING. I know it. I live it. I don’t have to count anything. I don’t have to weigh anything. I get to cook delicious, fatty (FATTY, you guys! bacon! butter!) meals and eat a bit of fancy French cheese for dessert. I drink red wine and bourbon without remorse. When I’m sick of cooking or out with friends, I don’t have to worry about restaurants. You can get a bunless burger and a salad pretty much anywhere on this green earth. Do I cheat? You bet your ass I do but only on something I really, really want {insert giant toasted sesame bagel with lox and cream cheese here} but I’m finding that I just don’t want the sugar or the [carbohydrates] the way that I used to. You can keep your spaghetti, now please pass the bacon and guacamole.

This isn’t to say it wasn’t an adjustment at first—there were plenty of times Jim needed to talk me off a ledge because I could not possibly grill another chicken breast or eat any more [goddamn] cauliflower. Every time I needed a boost, Jim had the encouragement, research,  or laugh that I was looking for. Trust me, nobody is more shocked than I am that the kid who used to make [dick jokes] during band practice is now one of my biggest cheerleaders. I no longer feel like I am ‘on a plan’ or ‘trying this Paleo-like thing.’ I eat plants. And animals. And gooey French cheese. And I’m looking and feeling better than I have in a really long time.


 Seriously, man. You’ve changed my life. I’ll never go back. Here’s to the next twenty pounds! [BOYFRIEND] says he’ll write you a testimonial too—it will surely be less gushy and more concise. ;) Feel free to [edit the shit out of] mine.

 I’m really not kidding: if you should ever find yourself in Milwaukee, we’ve got a steak and a bottle of Bourbon waiting here for you.”


There are some more stories in the hopper, but I wanted to welcome everyone to the Fall season with these success stories. Not everyone has 200 pounds to lose, although I’ve got a few of those as well. Again, a map shows you the way to where you’d like to be, from wherever you are, whether that’s the same town or a different country.

Congratulations to “Stacy,” Justin, Brandon, and Laura! Keep going, and I’m here to answer any questions along the way.

And to anyone reading this: if you can relate to any of the stories above, or any of the stories in this post, get yourself a Fat Loss Map™ or a month of Personal Consultations. Once you do, it will become my personal mission to get you regular-sized. Think about it.

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!