Balance Requires Motion




Nothing ever stays the same. Ever. Even things that appear to remain static are in motion, it’s just that the motion is too slow for us to discern. Some changes happen over thousands of years, some over several centuries, some over decades, others over a few years, others over a few months, weeks, days, moments…you get the idea.

Change is the only constant. The only thing that never changes is that everything changes.

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You’re probably thinking, “So what?” You’re doing it wrong, that’s what.

Think of all the areas in your life where you’re striving to keep things from changing or to get them to a place where they can then remain forever.

1) What weight do you want to get to? And then what? A 60-year plateau?

2) You want your cholesterol lower? How about zero? What then?

3) You want your spouse/significant other to stay just like they are? What, forever? Good luck with that.

4) Hey, nice work situation you’ve got there. You’re paying rent, putting away some savings, having a life outside of work…so…what now? This, but forever? Everything’s going great, let’s keep it the same, right?

Most people are living in such a way that if Odin himself came back down to Earth and granted them eternal life, they would hold the same jobs for centuries.

Think about that.

Think about that.

They’d hold the same comfortable job, do the same comfortable things, have the same comfortable friends, and lead the same comfortable life. The punchline here is that they would be absolutely miserable.

We all have an innate desire for growth. We all want to move ahead. We think it’s for money or prestige or whatever we happen to be focused on at the moment, but we’re actually moving forward for the purpose of growth itself. To live is to grow, and there are no two ways about it.

So how do we thrive? How do we grow? How do we avoid stagnation? How do we keep our balance?

Constant motion, that’s how. Balance requires motion.

If you don’t pedal your bike, you fall over. Yes, you’re upright. Yes, you’re finally on top of the bike. But if you don’t GO, you’ll fall.

Yes, you’re comfortable in your situation.

Yes, you’ve got most things just like you want them.

Hell, you may even have the next twenty years mapped out, you poor bastard.

But if you remain still, you will slowly succumb to stagnation, boredom, anxiety, malaise, and failure.

Change is the only constant. Growth and progress are your purposes. As good as you have things right now, your “arrival” at some destination can never be your final goal. There is no such thing as a “final goal,” because once you get there you’ll be able to see, from that new vantage point, an even greater possibility. So it never ends, thankfully. There is always more, always better, always forward.

So this is the real reason we strive for our goals. We don’t want to lose the weight just to lose the weight; we want to lose the weight because of how much we’ll grow by becoming the person who lost that weight. We don’t want to double our income just to have more money; we want to double our income because of how much we’ll grow by transforming into the person who makes that much. You get how this works?

Look at your life. What needs to change? Where have you stagnated? What is a situation where you “arrived” and then stopped moving forward?

You have a mind. You have an imagination. The beauty of these is that not only can you see things as they are now, but you can see things as they are not and change them.

You can change anything about yourself or your situation. The best time to start is last month. The next best time is Right Now.