Announcing the July Fat Loss Map™ Special

Four months ago, I started this website with the intention of helping people go from Fat to Regular-Sized. Through my blog posts, my Facebook Page, personal consultations, and Keen’s Fat Loss Map™, I’m off to a great start. The feedback I’ve gotten from clients and readers has been incredibly satisfying, and has helped me reaffirm my commitment to this line of work. Thank you to all those who have become clients or who have sent me email and text messages.

A Quick Question

How is your New Year’s Resolution coming along? It’s been six months, after all.

Have you reached your goal?

Are you at least a bit closer?

If your goal was some amount of fat loss, and if—for whatever reason—your results have not lived up to your expectations, then I have an offer for you. I’ve been wanting to run a special for a while now, but I wanted people to give their Resolutions a fair trial. If you have not yet achieved the bodily changes that you want, I’d like to suggest that your way is not working. You should try my way.

For the Month of July Only

I’d like to announce a special July Discount on Keen’s Fat Loss Map™. For the month of July, 2013, the Map will be sold at half price. For $50—down from the original $100—you can purchase the Map that, if followed, will take you all the way to Regular-Sized.

For less than the cost of three lap dances, you can acquire the simple to-do instructions that eliminate the guesswork from dieting and food choice.

If you’ve been wanting to buy but have balked at the $100 price tag, this offer is for you.

If you’ve been giving your method a fair shake for some amount of time and have been unwilling to quit early, this offer is for you.

If you know someone who could benefit from the information in the Map, and would like to help them, this offer is for you.

If you’ve been flitting around from program to program that you’ve read about in books and magazines, but you still look pretty much like you did in January, this offer is for you.

Give the Map a try.

Or buy it and give it to a friend who needs it.

Hell, buy it and print it out for the whole office.

"Fat Loss Maps for everyone! Thanks, Boss!"

“Fat Loss Maps for everyone! Thanks, Boss!”

$50 just isn’t that much. Check out your last ten receipts from the grocery store. Check out your monthly cell phone bill. Check out your last dinner tab. Then realize the transformative power that the Map can have in your life.

It’s time to change yourself. There’s no longer any need to feel tired, fat, sluggish, embarrassed, or ashamed. Follow the Map, exactly as it is laid out, and watch how your body responds.

On August 1st, the price goes back up to $100.

But for the month of July: Purchase Keen’s Fat Loss Map™ for $50 right here.