About Me

It took a lot of dedication, but I was finally able to grow a mustache.

It took a lot of dedication, but I was finally able to grow a mustache.

My  name is Jim Keen.

I am trained in music first and foremost. I went to college to study trumpet, and after that got a job traveling around the country with touring Broadway shows. This was a fantastic situation because it paid well, there were plenty of dancing girls, and it only required a daily time commitment of about three hours. The other 21 hours of the day were mine with which to do as I pleased. So I had to develop a hobby.

I have been overweight up until just recently. I first recognized that I was getting fat at an early age, probably eight or nine years old. You’ve all heard similar Growing Up Fat stories, so let me fast forward to age 22, having just gotten a great job playing trumpet, weighing in at a robust 265 pounds, and with plenty of free time on my hands. At this point, a pretty obvious hobby to select is “Getting Not-Fat.”

So that’s what I began to investigate. After a few months, though, it became more than a hobby. It became an obsession. No, I don’t mean that I starved myself and developed an eating disorder. Anyone can do that. I mean that I became obsessed with educating myself; with finding a way to get Not-Fat without any sort of 15-year-old-girl extreme diet plans—without any cleanses, juice fasts, water fasts, purging, excessive hunger, or any similar nonsense.

I’ve spent, on average, between 3 and 6 hours each day for about five years reading, listening to, and watching everything I could find relating to fat loss, obesity, nutrition, health, exercise, muscle growth, etc. The rabbit hole goes really far down. It started out with a few blogs that were penned by doctors and other professionals. Then I read their books. This led me to other professionals—some of them were quacks and swindlers, while others were legitimate experts. Then I started going to Amazon.com and buying pre-med textbooks on cellular biology, metabolism, biomechanics, anatomy, and on and on and on. After that it was subscriptions to peer-reviewed medical journals that published new studies at regular intervals. I even drove across the country during breaks from tour (twice) to rent a room near an expert and pick his brain for several weeks. I just nerded the hell out, and honestly it was some of the best fun I’ve ever had.

Like I said, I had a lot of free time.

Several years and about 90 pounds later, I have acquired enough practical knowledge and focused enthusiasm to provide great value to others. If I knew then what I know now, as they say, I could have lost my fat at twice the rate with half the trouble. However, I would have learned very little, and would now have very little of value to share with all of you.

Between this intro, my writings on this site, and my Facebook Page, you will come to know what you need to know about me. Welcome to the Keen Physique. I look forward to educating, motivating, and entertaining you.