A Cure For Obesity


–William “Refrigerator” Perry, when asked by an interviewer what he eats for dinner to achieve his impressive size

Holy shit are we fat.

Holy shit are we fat.

Welcome to The Keen Physique! On this blog I will be discussing the cure for obesity, which exists. In fact, obesity shouldn’t even be a real thing, is not a real thing in the animal kingdom, and was not a real thing for more than 99% of human history.

The good news: it’s easily preventable, easily reversible, is not due to some moral defect such as sloth or gluttony, and has been almost fully understood by the research community for over half a century.

Since early 2012 I’ve been helping people become regular-sized. My recommendations have worked far better than I expected, in fact, and that success has inspired me to start this blog. Here you will find education, inspiration, motivation, entertainment, and access to my products and services.

My name is Jim Keen, and I turn fat people into regular-sized people.