30 New Clients by January 1st

This is me for the next three weeks.

This is me for the next three weeks.

On my Facebook Page, I regularly post things that have to do not with fat loss or nutrition, but with motivation, goal setting, and achievement. The main ideas revolve around deciding what you want out of life, recognizing that your “limits” are all self-imposed, making great use of your time, and constantly seeking growth and progress.

Well an idea popped into my head the other day, and when ideas come out of nowhere I tend to give them more serious consideration than ideas I’ve thought long and hard about. The ideas that pop into our heads out of the blue are far more trustworthy and reliable because they have not yet been tainted by our biases, expectations, and boundaries. In other words, we can put them into action before we have a chance to think, “That would never work.”

The idea: 30 New Clients by January 1st. Unrealistic? I know! That’s how I know it’s a good goal. I have no idea exactly how to do it, and it’s a little scary.

I’m always talking about going after what you want; now it’s time to show everyone how to do it. Not to show everyone “how to get 30 new clients,” but to be an example of how to decide that you want something and then begin moving in the direction of that thing. The purpose is growth, or “growing into the type of person who has done that.”

So today it is December 13th, 2013. By January 1st, 2014, I will have received payment and begun working with 30 new Personal Consultation clients.

And you are going to help.

Check out that link you just passed for my Personal Consultations page. Think about it. Imagine how your life would transform if you had my personal daily guidance for 90 days. You would know exactly what to eat, exactly when to eat, exactly how to track your progress, and would get instant guidance on how to manipulate those variables based on that progress.

You’d be a different person physically, but what’s more, you’d be a different person emotionally and psychologically, with different habits and attitudes. And that’s how you establish a change that sticks. At the end of 90 days, you won’t be “the same person you are now, only with a better body.” You’ll change into a completely different person and your bodily improvement will be the end result of that personal change.

Check out that Personal Consultations page again. If you really want the changes you say you want, then hire me and prove it.

Some of you will get in touch to arrange a Consultation Period that starts on January 1st. That counts, and you’re helping.

Some of you can think of somebody right now who needs my help. Whether you get them the three-month Consultation as a Christmas gift or guide them towards hiring me on their own, that counts, and you’re helping as well.

The rest of you, just keep this post in the backs of your minds. In the coming weeks, you may hear someone talking about holiday weight gain. You may hear someone expressing confusion at the latest health headlines to hit the newsstands. You may hear someone bemoaning the fact that their New Year’s Resolutions never seem to work out. When you hear the overwhelmed frustration in their voices, think of how I can help.

Many of you will be hearing from me personally. Sorry to bother you.

30 New Clients by January 1st is where I’m headed. And you’re going to help me do it.